This film was born out of another film that fell through because I couldn’t fund it. When you have a camera but no money, you make do with what you can. Often, that means looking around for what’s closest to you. Call it “proximity cinema,” a type of cinema for the poor. This film, about my younger brother’s experiences moving back to our family’s home in Missouri, is a good example.

Filming a family member can be tricky, but luckily, my brother is a joy to be around. Following him for this film, I found him to be rambunctious and fun, brimming with energy and honesty. The camera naturally gravitates toward these traits, and watching him through my lens, I was enthralled. Ultimately I was able to turn the footage into this film structured around the framework of him moving back in with our parents. That framework wasn’t a naturally interesting topic for me, since I and all of my brothers have done this at one point as adults. But it did seem the best way to structure the material.

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